Loose Breasts / Sagging Breasts


It is a fact that breast sagging, also referred as ptosis, is a condition experienced by all women sooner or later in their life (except those having small breasts). For many of us, it occurs quite early, even without pregnancy. Besides, there are numerous teens experiencing drooping breasts. But, overweight women contain extra fat tissue in their breasts thus making them heavier and sagging earlier than otherwise.
Most of the women are concerned about sagging for they feel it reduces their attractiveness. But, as a matter of surprise, it is not a turn-off to many men. Women are excessively anxious about something that is not virtually as much a matter of concern with the opposite sex as is thought to be.
Some of the most common causes of sagging breasts, however, include:breast_lift
The most common factor responsible for sagging breasts lies in growing age. With growing age, the skin tends to get lose because of inefficiency in producing sufficient amount of elastin and collagen thus leading the breasts to sag or droop down.
The genes of a woman are also responsible for sagging breasts in a woman. This is because genes play an imperative role in determining the strength of your ligaments and elasticity of the skin.
Breast size and gravity
The size of the breast and gravity can pull down the skin and ligaments in heavy breasts. When gravity stretches the breast down depending on your ligaments and the elasticity of your skin, as specified by your diet and genes besides the normal aging process, the breasts tend to droop. Naturally, heavier breasts will droop more easily for they are being pulled down more by the gravity.
Weight reduction
Another common factor leading to sagging breasts is weight loss. When you reduce weight some amount of fat ebbs from the breasts.  Generally, the skin and the ligaments contained by the breasts do not pull back accordingly thus leading to an empty looking breast which then droops.
Number of pregnancies
After the process of weaning, or even directly after pregnancy, the tissues of the breasts can shrink and lose their elasticity if breastfeeding is not done.
Smoking is another factor responsible for sagging breasts. This is due to the reason that tobacco smoke carries free radicals responsible for damaging skin cells thus resulting in loss of elasticity. This can further result in facial wrinkles and drooping breasts.
During menopause, the glands and ducts within the breasts shrink in size for they are not required any longer for milk production. This can make the breasts appear saggy.
It is a common misconception that wearing a bra prevents the breasts from sagging. As a matter of fact, the ligaments involved in holding the breasts up can get thinner and weaker if a bra is worn all the time.
 Breast involutionbrest
Breast involution can be explained as process wherein the milk making system inside the breast shrinks as it is no longer required. This occurs either after weaning or immediately after pregnancy, if the woman does not breastfeed even a little, or even during menopause. The skin of the breast does not shrink with contraction of the tissues forming the breast thus making it look saggy and “empty.” After the process of weaning, the breast gets its fat deposited back within a few months thus helping the breast regain their pre-pregnancy size, but sagging generally remains.


Causes for Sagging breasts in teenagers
Maximum number of women, and even some teenage girls, are anxious about their breasts’ appearance. Sagging breasts is usually a condition occurring in adulthood, specifically during menopause. Although breast sagging is quite infrequent among teenagers, some teenage girls might experience more sagging. This is possible in case of those with heavy breasts or those who are involved in regular exercise. It is much easier to prevent the worsening of drooping breasts than treating it. Don’t panic if you see your breasts have started to sag too early for there are numerous options available for you.


Tips on Sagging Breasts
There are certain tips and ways which can help in avoiding or slowing the process of breast sagging without requiring you to go under knife. These include:
Supportive Bras
In your days of being young, your breasts might have delineated gravity, staying frisky even while moving around bra-less. It’s time to give a break to your breasts from all the heavy lifting through a supportive bra. Go for selecting a bra that fits you properly and keeps your breasts in place all day. The main consideration while selecting the perfect bra is that the nipple should rest between the shoulder and the elbow. If the breasts droop lower, get re-fitted with a better supportive bra. The breasts will hold their shape without bra for a longer time if they are kept supported and uplifted for a higher time.
Breast feeding
According to researches and studies, the possibilities of sagging breasts increase after weaning process. This is because the milk contained in breasts stretches the skin, and moreover, the baby also stretches the tissues as he/she pulls on the breast. As a preventive measure, it is advisable to rework on the feeding position. The right position is bracing on a chair or couch so that the baby can sit higher in your arms. Support your breast in a way that the baby can suck from the side rather than sucking from below.


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