Every male can get frustrated by sexual weakness because sexual prowess defines masculinity. Moreover, sexual dysfunction can hit a man either at the very beginning of informal relationship or, after he may have enjoyed a healthy and successful intimate relationship. Furthermore, such problem may arise suddenly, or develop gradually overtime. However, sexual weakness or erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a male is unable to attain proper erection needed for successful lovemaking. And in this sexual dysfunction, the erection of male organ is insufficient for sexual penetration. Nevertheless, there are many factors that can give rise to such a problem but, only leading cause of sexual weakness in men are mentioned ahead. Sexual Weakness or Impotency
1. The prime cause of sexual weakness in men is faulty habits, for example smoking and alcohol abuse. In particular, alcohol is infamous for affecting the efficiency of nervous system, due to which availing stronger erection is nearly impossible. In addition, smoking can stiffen the arteries and prevent proper blood circulation in the reproductive system and, sufficient blood flow is essential for fuller erections.
2. Males suffering from certain diseases can face difficulty in achieving erection. In particular, longstanding diabetes can damage the nerves and prevent a male from attaining erection. In addition, hypertension can also cause sexual weakness in men by disturbing the proper blood circulation in the reproductive organs. And, such diseases can affect the overall efficiency of the body which is a major cause of sexual weakness in men.
3. Damage to nerves in pelvis region can reduce the male’s efficiency to attain erections. Moreover, such condition may occur due to accidents, diseases, or surgical procedures in pelvic region.
4. Malnutrition is another leading cause of sexual weakness in men. Furthermore, deficiency of vitamins and minerals is harmful for male’s overall health. Moreover, without essential nutrients the reproductive organs cannot work according to their efficiency affecting the ability to attain harder erection.
5. Psychological issues are injurious to sexual health. For instance, anxiety, depression, or stress can be the cause of sexual weakness in men. Moreover, such psychological weaknesses imbalances the hormone level, and prevent proper blood flow to reproductive organs.
6. Many prescription medications can be the cause of sexual weakness in men, for example antihistamines, antidepressants, antihypertensive, and tranquilizers. Moreover, such medicines can interfere with the proper working of brain and body.
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Sexual weakness is a broad term encompassing all forms of weaknesses from premature ejaculation, undeveloped orgasm, lack of libido, lack of interest, erection failure to impotence. This is real and life threatening when it is at the psychological state sometimes. Victims get misplaced and find themselves incomplete in front of their peers. In as much as it is treatable, sexual weakness is a very painful disorder which may go or not.MaleInfertility
There are very many causes of sexual weaknesses; some are illnesses emanating from the local scene while others may be inherited. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic ailment with long term repercussions; it is a degenerative disease often activating other malfunctions in the many organs. On its owns it disables the sexual urge and destroys it completely. It is the main cause of many sexual weaknesses in men including erectile dysfunction. Hypertension violates all aspects of love making creating fear and anxiety. It damages blood veins and heart muscle. In many instances erection is not possible at all when one has hypertension.
Sexual weakness is a state of mind and in many instances it is propagated by the surrounding environment; the work place stress, family and created habits within. Stress builds tension and heightens thoughts creating space for depression. This alone promotes erectile dysfunction, destroys self esteem and raises the fear of sexual non performance. This leads to many physical complications that may warrant medical attention. The chain laid out moves from one step to more chronic phase. Sexual abilities are not left out and at every step it gets distorted, hormonal balance is tilted off it s track, excitations diminishes and other disorders crop up.
Smoking and poor alcohol routines are common with many men. This leads to addiction and irritability often causing liver sclerosis, cardiovascular diseases and fatigue. Sexual pleasure cannot grow under such circumstances and prolonged medication either will not bring immediate therapy. A breakdown of the nervous system, injures the nerves among theses is the parasympathetic nerve which stimulates the erection process during love play.
Poor eating habits leads to poor nutrition and when malnutrition sets in no hormone of good quality will be produced. Equally to the sperm; their motility and survival is crucial for good reproduction. Medications are wide and varied and most have long lasting side effects; others are naturally harmful and will extent their poison to the sexual organs. These are antihistamines, antidepressants, suppressers etc. All leave a mark by damaging erection thus making love playing impossible.happy-couple-1


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